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At regular intervals we hold webinars on exciting topics in the areas of Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics or Data Warehouse technologies. As of today, these are also available for you on a long-term basis on our M2 YouTube Channel.

Besides the webinar "New Features of Tableau Versions 2020.2 and 2020.3" conducted by Dilyana Bossenz, you will find three more exciting webinars on our YouTube channel:

Embedded Interview: Turn Data into Products with Tableau Embedded Analytics

"Data is the new oil" is an increasingly popular phrase in the modern economy. But oil in its rawest form is of very little value. It must first be extracted, transported and refined into new products before its true value can be recognized. The same applies to data.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn how Embedded Analytics can help you transform existing data assets within your organization into exciting new products and business offerings.  Together with experts from Tableau and Edentity, M2 founder Manuel Mang will present real-life examples and demonstrate how hidden potential in data can be identified and unlocked with Embedded Analytics.


Analytics in the Cloud with Tableau and Amazon Web Services


View this webinar to learn how a self-service business intelligence and analytics architecture can benefit from cloud deployment in AWS. Best practices and reference architectures will be presented and demonstrated in an understandable way. Learn more about common challenges and solutions for migrating to AWS through a comprehensive live demo and a real-world case study.


Implement data-driven processes in media companies with Tableau


With Tableau, you can make informed decisions for your business in a variety of real-world situations - with high speed data analysis and optimal quality of visualization for the end user. Use Tableau and Form Builder to make your planning processes smarter and automate your manual efforts.

In this webinar, we will use an example from the media sector to show how Tableau can be established as a BI platform in the company and can also be used as a planning and forecasting tool. 

You find our YouTube Channel here.

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