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Recognize the potential of your Data - with Tableau

Data analysis must be about being able to ask relevant questions. Tableau offers inspiring, intelligent and user-friendly products that help users ask these questions and unlock the potential of their data. Tableau focuses on how people can see and understand Data.

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The Mission

Uncovering and communicating the stories behind the Data is the mission of the American software company Tableau. To fulfill this mission, it has been providing innovative products since 2003, which are used in over 39,000 companies worldwide.

Tableau designs its Products  with the user at the centre.

The Users

Tableau users work for large companies, in government or non-profit organizations. Tableau users are analysts, bloggers, students, or executives. Anyone can use Tableau, without exception.

Learn more about how Tableau transforms your data into insights that enable you to take action and help your business.

Premium Partner

Tableau enables you to make informed decisions for your company in a variety of practical situations. Tableau differs from other Business Intelligence products mainly by the high speed of data analysis and the quality of visualization for the end user..

As the first certified Tableau Partner in Germany we offer our customers with experience since 2007 an unsurpassed expert knowledge in the field of sophisticated data visualization.


Data consolidation

We believe in the power and potential of Tableau and burn for the product. Together with Tableau we are constantly working to improve the products. We are convinced that Tableau is the perfect Business Intelligence solution for your company - and offer many years of in-depth expertise.


Our approach

Around Tableau we offer the complete range of consulting services: Requirements analysis, development of dashboards and reports and integration of data sources. In addition, we offer various trainings and courses, provide services for maintenance and support and also operate Tableau server solutions.


Customer Stories

Tableau has been successfully implemented in various smaller and larger companies and - always oriented towards the needs of the customer - established as a Business Intelligence standard. A selection of our projects with companies such as Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Continental, Axel Springer or Deutsche Bahn can be found here.

Tableau License Model

Tableau offers different license models to provide the right solution for your company. We will advise you in detail and understandably when choosing the right license model.

Tableau Creator

Gain meaningful insights with a powerful product family that supports your end-to-end analytics workflow.

The following is included:

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Prep

Included is a creator license of:

  • Tableau Server

Tableau Explorer

Explore trusted Data and generate answers to your questions quickly and effectively with complete self-service analytics.

Included is an explorer license of:

  • Tableau Server

Tableau Viewer

Deliver Dashboards and visualizations interactively on a secure and easy-to-use platform.

Included is a viewer license of:

  • Tableau Server

Tableau Embedded Analytics

Satisfy your customers with best-in-class analytics and use the flexibility to adapt the design to your product. Remove the reference to Tableau to present your own brand and allow your customers to answer their questions with Tableau's embedded analytics.