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Secure and easy access to data, unlimited scalability

Snowflake's unique architecture allows data analysts, data scientists and data engineers to work on any data without the performance or scaling limitations of other solutions. Snowflake is a single, virtually maintenance-free platform delivered as Software-as-a-Service.

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The Mission

With Snowflake's Cloud Data platform you can consolidate analytics across data warehouses, data marts and data lakes into a single source of truth that supports multiple types of business applications.

The cloud data platform also streamlines the way different teams share internally and externally managed data. This simplifies data sharing and minimizes data management issues.

The User

Snowflake offers computing, storage and cloud service layers that are logically integrated but can scale independently. This makes Snowflake an ideal platform for data warehouse, data lake, data engineering and data science professionals.

Customers trust Snowflake to solve their data challenges and enable them to run the business in a data driven way. Snowflake offers a variety of different customer stories on its website.


Our partnership with Snowflake is based on a successful collaboration in various infrastructure and migration projects. The experience gained from these projects enables us to provide our customers with end-to-end consulting services, including the licensing of all Snowflake products.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the professional exchange with you.


Cloud Solutions

As an official Snowflake partner, we provide you with trusted and validated experts who can accelerate and maximize the benefits of Snowflake technology in your business. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your project requirements.


Snowflake Whitepaper

While traditional data architectures are difficult to scale, Snowflake allows you to scale the exact amount of computing resources instantly and independently. All data processing is performed with any amount of computing power that can be flexibly scaled at any time. We recommend the free-of-charge Whitepaper that Snowflake provides for download.


Customer Stories

Snowflake's corporate history includes more than 2,000 success stories. Snowflake presents a selection of the most exciting customer projects on its official website. Take the time to learn how customers like SONY, Adobe and Capital One are using the benefits of Snowflake technology in their business.

The Snowflake product

Conventional data platforms and large data solutions have difficulties to fulfil their basic purpose: To allow any user to work with any data without limitations in scope, performance or flexibility. 

With Snowflake you can do just that. To achieve this, Snowflake has built a new data platform for the cloud from the ground up, with a patented new architecture. The result? A software-as-a-service platform that is powerful but easy to use.