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Mail Tool

Automate your content delivery

The M2 Mail Tool allows you to automate mailings with dynamic and user tableau content to any email recipients. Each mailing can be personalized. Image content, PDF documents and raw data can be combined and sent inline or as attachments. You can customize the recipient list as well as the frequency of mailings.


Browser-based web interface

The M2 Toolbox is accessible via a web interface and protected by a necessary user authentication. You can create as many users as you like.

Rights management allows the separation of individual users and their content. The toolbox can be installed in parallel to running Tableau Server instances or on separate servers and can be used via the web browser.

Design a personalized mailing

Create attractively formatted mailings including embedded views from your Tableau Server using the built-in WSYISYG Mail Editor. Mailings can be personalized with dynamically filled placeholders in the text.

Attach files from Tableau to your mails

Dashboards and views can also be attached as PDF, PNG or CSV files. Attach complete workbooks as PDF.


Define the recipient lists

Create new recipient lists or import them from a CSV file. Individual filter settings can be defined for each recipient, based on the filters used in the dashboard. The filters act on each of the embedded or attached views.

Schedule automatic delivery of mails

Send the mailing daily, weekly, monthly or annually at the time of your choice. Mailings can also be triggered manually at any time after setup.

Feel free to contact us if you also want to distribute your Tableau content automatically and individually. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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