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Tableau Cloud Migration

Moving data from different systems to Tableau Cloud

Data and Analytics in Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud allows you to conveniently analyze and visualize your data without worrying about infrastructure maintenance and updates. Migrate your reporting to Tableau Cloud now - and benefit from our professional support.

Why migrate to Tableau Cloud?

Scalability and flexibility: Tableau Cloud gives you the ability to scale your reporting as needed. You can expand your storage, add additional users, or take advantage of new features as your business grows. Get rid of capacity constraints on your own server and take the plunge with Tableau Cloud.



  • No infrastructure costs
  • Automatic scaling of capacity

IT resources

  • Environment maintenance and updates fully managed by Tableau
  • Preconfigured management areas


  • New features of the latest version available immediately
  • Licensing model on a per user basis


The Data Management Add-on and Advanced Management Add-on give you full visibility and control over data usage and dashboards.

What can be migrated to Tableau Cloud?

You can migrate various components of your Tableau reporting to Tableau Cloud. This includes Tableau workbooks, data extractions, databases, and all data sources accessed by your workbooks. Any custom dashboards, reports, access concepts, or user permissions are preserved during the migration.


How does the migration work?

We carry out the migration to Tableau Cloud according to our standardized and proven migration process, which aligns all relevant project steps and requirements and takes potential pitfalls into account. Our secure and efficient implementation concept forms the basis for a smooth migration of your infrastructure and applications. In the process, we always remain in close contact with you.

Our support

Thanks to our extensive experience in a wide range of business areas, you can count on us to always keep an eye on the entire migration process as well as on the specifics of your business model. With their know-how and commitment, our experts make a substantial contribution to the success of your migration project.

Our expertise

  • Building modern BI platforms and executing data-driven projects in many different guises
  • Long-standing partnerships with Tableau, AWS, OTC, Alteryx, Snowflake & Exasol

Our experience

  • Partnership since 2009: M2 is Germany's oldest Tableau partner
  • Project implementation along the entire data value chain at DAX corporations, SMEs and public companies

Our approach

  • Our service is always in the interest of your company's success
  • Self Service Thought: We enable you to manage and further develop your BI infrastructures yourself

Our cloud support model

Use case: Find out what services we offer beyond migration


A secure and high-performance data infrastructure is the basis for the productive use of data-driven processes and applications. To ensure that large volumes of data are always available and can be processed smoothly, more and more companies are turning to the cloud.

Our support model, which is now used by many customers from different industries, offers you the option of having us manage the migration and subsequent operation of your infrastructure - whether in Tableau Cloud, in AWS, in Azure or in the Open Telekom Cloud.

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