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Tableau Portal

Your One-Stop Reporting Portal for Data Analytics

The M2 Portal offers our customers the possibility to present their Tableau Dashboards in a simple, elegant and easy to use website using our M2 Tableau Connection Manager. Normally, users of Tableau Dashboards have to log on to the Tableau server and search for their Dashboard there.

The M2 portal allows you to categorize your Dashboards by content or topic to facilitate this process. In addition, you have the option of adapting the design of the M2 portal to the corporate identity of your company.

With the M2 Tableau Portal you can easily present your Tableau Dashboards on a platform that is tailored to your needs. The M2 Portal can be easily edited by users with the help of a CMS system (TYPO 3). Our M2 Tableau Connection Manager, which is built into the CMS backend, also helps you to embed Tableau Dashboards into the M2 Portal. You can interact with these Dashboards just like on the Tableau server.

Display your Dashboards embedded on your M2 Portal

Your Tableau server infrastructure remains unchanged. To display Tableau Dashboards on your portal, you only need to connect to your Tableau server once and then conveniently embed all the Dashboards on different pages in the portal. This process is simplified for you by our M2 Connection Manager.

Add additional content to the M2 Portal

In addition to your Tableau Dashboards, you can also add other content to the portal and freely create and design individual pages. With the help of the TYPO3 CMS, this process can also be easily controlled.


Categorize your Dashboards to improve the usability of the Portal

You can create tiles on the M2 Portal homepage to categorize your Dashboards and consolidate relevant reports underneath. This categorization makes the portal easier to use for end users, as the Tableau Dashboards are easier and clearer to find. Users can also set favorites and access their content conveniently via the favorites list.


Make the dashboards on your M2 portal findable by keywords

There is a particular Dashboard that is located on the portal, but you don't know where it is? No problem. If you embed Dashboards, you can assign specific keywords to them so that the Dashboard can later be searched and found by any user using the search function.


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