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Tableau Pulse

AI-supported revolution in data analysis

AI evolution for data analytics: Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse redefines the future of data interaction. Developed exclusively for Tableau Cloud users, it leverages the groundbreaking Tableau AI to enable customized and intelligent data delivery.

Artificial intelligence: The evolution of Tableau Pulse

In the midst of technological change, Tableau has developed an innovative solution: Tableau Pulse. This product, powered by Tableau AI, combines the best technologies such as Salesforce's Einstein GPT and generative solutions from OpenAI to enable Tableau users to work smarter, gain insights faster and communicate better.


What is Tableau Pulse and what advantages does it offer?

Tableau Pulse revolutionizes access to data. It provides a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to dive deeper into data analysis, regardless of their level of expertise in data visualization tools. Exclusively available to Tableau Cloud users, Pulse offers a flexible interface model that allows users to freely create and share key metrics and KPIs.

Tableau Pulse continuously learns from user input, evolves and offers new metrics, trends and innovative solutions to take data exploration to a whole new level as a dynamic technology.

Automated data analysis & personalized insights

  • Tableau Pulse automates data analysis through generative AI.
  • Users can go directly from "what" to "why" without complex queries.
  • Personalized, curated data overviews are provided.
  • "Newsfeed" view focuses on selected key metrics and KPIs.

Context-related data provision

  • Tableau Pulse enables not only individual metrics exploration, but also automated, AI-driven summaries.
  • These are delivered seamlessly via Slack and email to avoid switching between applications.
  • This allows users to efficiently focus on important aspects without having to constantly switch back and forth between tools.

Collaborative decision making & data exploration

  • Tableau Pulse facilitates collaboration through direct sharing of insight cards.
  • Efficiently share insights across the organization.
  • Users can explore metrics and ask questions in natural language.
  • Instant answers with matching visualizations support interactive data exploration.

What does the Tableau Pulse interface look like?

Tableau Pulse's user interface is intuitively designed and allows users to easily navigate through the various functions. With clear menus and user-friendly icons, users can easily access data, explore metrics and share insights.



What do I need to consider when working with Tableau Pulse?

The accuracy of the insights generated by Tableau Pulse depends on the quality of the underlying data. This data must be clean, accurate and relevant. To get the most out of Tableau Pulse's AI-powered analytics, proper data management, accuracy and hygiene is critical. This is how companies ensure trustworthy insights that contribute to informed decisions.

How can M2 support the introduction of Tableau Pulse?

With its in-depth expert knowledge of Tableau Pulse, M2 is committed to unleashing the full potential of this platform for companies. As an experienced consultancy for data-driven projects and with over 15 years of Tableau partnership experience, M2 guides its clients every step of the way in using Tableau Pulse effectively and purposefully.

Here we have listed the points that need to be considered when using Tableau Pulse:

Cleansing and curation of data sources

  • Tableau Pulse allows you to create metrics from any published data source.
  • Selecting the right source is easy in demo environments, but can be a challenge in large instances.
  • If a larger number of data sources underlie the current Tableau Cloud instance, finding the desired sources may become more difficult.


Structuring of data sources

  • Tableau Pulse has a feature that prevents users from defining metrics that are identical to existing ones, which helps to maintain data consistency.
  • However, in large organizations with numerous data sources, Tableau Pulse can quickly become confusing due to the currently limited governance options.


Using metrics correctly

  • Using Tableau Pulse, customers identify the metrics that best reflect their key priorities.
  • Employees' attention can be focused on these metrics so that the results have a direct impact on their work.
  • Tableau Pulse can be set up to track the impact of actions taken.
  • Tableau Pulse can enable organizations to adjust business strategy based on insights gained.


Our support

Tableau Pulse is not just a tool, it's an invitation to reimagine the way you work with business data. Tableau Pulse enables the confidence of informed decisions, the simplicity of frictionless collaboration and the impact of an always-on, personalized data guide - when used correctly and when the conditions are right.

With our expert knowledge of Tableau Pulse, we are committed to unleashing the full potential of AI-based technology for your business. Contact us today to find out more about how Tableau Pulse can be put to good use in your organization.