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The art of Data Visualization

What effect do Data have when presented in their entirety? What are the possibilities of visualization and how to present Data without using visual habits and what is Cultural Analytics

Geolocalization of Internet Nodes: Clustering of servers, hubs and backbones.




Cultural Analytics

In generative data visualization and digital art, we are guided by the concept of cultural analytics. This means the idea of presenting data in its entirety and making a unique impact.

"The ultimate goal of Cultural Analytics is to avoid a reduced summary (...). To achieve this, we have created very high resolution visualizations that present all data in a visual data set instead of just quantifying some dimensions of these artifacts (...).

Lev Manovich New York University



A Data sculpture created using a 3D differential line algorithm.





Strings 1
Particles move through a 3D curl-noise.





Investigation of firearms in private ownership and their owners ('National Firearm Survey' - Miller, Matthew, 2004).




Particle Man
Motion capture of a running man with color decoding the direction of the velocity vectors of particles.

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