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The new view on your Data

Exasol's powerful, analytical and cloud-enabled database redefines the way you work with your data in today's digital age. Be data-driven and get value from your data faster, easier and more cost effective than ever before.

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The Mission

Analyze large amounts of data extremely quickly - no matter where your data is located, and that independent of platform, manufacturer and architecture. That is Exasol's promise. 

Exasol AG was founded in Nuremberg in 2000 and has branches in the USA, France and England. Startups, medium-sized companies and established global enterprises rely on technology "Made in Germany", including Zalando, XING and Webtrekk. Exasol offers you the possibility to use an intelligent, tuning-free and resource-saving database, both on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid strategy.

The User

Exasol supports users and customers from various industries to get the best out of your data. Leading companies around the world rely on Exasol as the engine for analytics.

Case studies from the economic sectors of telecommunications, financial industry, healthcare or trade can be found on the official Exasol website.


Our authorized partnership with Exasol is based on a long-term and stable cooperation. On this basis we offer our customers comprehensive end-to-end support, including the licensing of all Exasol products. We offer professional consulting for the implementation, operation and further development of Exasol installations. 

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Data strategy

There are so many different approaches and suggestions where to store your data. If you have to decide on which data strategy you want to use in the future, it quickly becomes confusing. Thanks to our  many years of experience in a wide variety of technology projects, we can support you in making the right technology decision and in the concrete implementation.


Customer Stories

Take a look at Exasol's Success Stories and see how customers in your industry are already successfully using our solution to turn their data into meaningful insights. Because the customer is the focus of our actions.

Exasol Products

Exasol is a software based on in-memory technology for professional, parallel and fast data analysis. Exasol offers comprehensive solution scenarios for Business Intelligence, Customer Insight and Data Warehousing up to complex predictive analytics in real time, regardless of the industry.

The best analytics platform for your Data

Exasol's in-memory database is the smartest and most scalable solution on the market. Intelligent concepts and flexible, extensible frameworks revolutionize the way you can work with your data. Exasol is listed as the fastest analytical database in the independent TPC-H benchmark and is the unbeaten test winner with a significant lead over other solutions.

Please feel free to contact us if we can support you in the successful implementation of your project. We are looking forward to the exchange with you!