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eCommerce Connector

Connect your online shop with Tableau

Connect your entire business: The eCommerce Connector enables online store owners to quickly and easily connect all relevant data across the enterprise with a single touchpoint, using advanced software like Tableau and Exasol.

Leverage the excellence and power of Tableau and Exasol for comprehensive analysis and visualization of your online shop performance. A large number of ready-made connectors for APIs are standard to merge data from different sources.


Basics - What is the eCommerce Connector, who should use it and why?

  • the eCC enables online store operators to quickly and easily connect all relevant data in their company to one touchpoint
  • eCC creates a fully modeled, out-of-the-box data warehouse that uses the lightning-fast Exasol database as the foundation for Tableau
  • eCC comes with a collection of ready-to-use dashboards for typical eCommerce KPIs, tasks & workflows


Ready-to-use content - What insights are provided "out of the box" when using eCC with Tableau?

  • C-level: gross-net sales, customer development, Return on Investment
  • Marketing: channel analysis, campaign management, cost per order
  • Sales: Product sales, processing times, supplier management


Benefits for the Customer - in comparison to other solutions

  • Flatter learning curve and quicker start
  • No quality management is required for Data Modeling
  • Use of analysis and optimization options through predefined dashboards
  • No need to deal with cluttered database structures from store systems
  • Excellent performance when using Exasol as a live data connection in Tableau


Architecture - Which systems can be connected to Tableau via eCC?

  • Data from store systems, ERPs, marketing platforms and tracking systems are consolidated in an Exasol database
  • Preparation and optimization of data in the fastest analytical database in the world
  • Visualization of data in Tableau Dashboard Startes, Solution Marketplace or Embedded Analytics


Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our eCommerce Connector solution. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!