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The Technology division, responsible for the development, operation and further development of our tools, forms the second core area of the company alongside Consulting. On this page you will find an overview of our developed solutions, which are in daily use by customers from a wide range of industries.

Tableau Toolbox

The Tableau Toolbox contains innovative developments that simplify and automate your workflows through the use of useful functions.

Part of the Toolbox are technologies to integrate and use Tableau Writeback Extensions and to create mail bursts. Both tools are available individually or in combination.

The Toolbox can be installed in parallel with running Tableau Server instances or on separate servers and can be used via the web browser.

Tableau Portal

The portal offers our customers the ability to easily display their Tableau dashboards on a simple, elegant and easy-to-use website using our M2 Tableau Connection Manager.

Normally, Tableau dashboard users have to log in to Tableau Server and search for their dashboard there.

The portal allows categorization of dashboards by content or topic to facilitate this process. In addition, you have the option to customize the design of the M2 portal to match your company's corporate identity.

Kurzarbeit App

Do you need support in calculating various short-time work scenarios? We can help you with our M2 Short-Time Work App.

Other products

The solutions we have developed are efficient productivity tools that add useful functions to your Tableau Server.

The analysis of server activities and the content and data sources published there are just as much a part of this as the convenient Excel export of the content of your Tableau dashboards.

Data Catalog Tool

The Data Catalog tool allows you to analyze all content published on your Tableau Server. All workbook and data source metadata can be loaded, analyzed, and systemically structured. This automated process helps you efficiently identify redundancies on your server.

Tableau Housekeeping Tool

Mit dem Tableau Housekeeping Tool haben Sie stets im Überblick, welche Workbooks und Datenquellen auf Ihrem Tableau-Server nicht mehr verwendet werden. Das Tool informiert die User, dass der Inhalt entfernt wird, sollte er nicht aktualisiert werden. Dies hilft Ihnen, redundante Inhalte auf Ihrem Server zu vermeiden.

Tableau Server Stats

Mit Tableau Server Stats können Sie Aktivitäten auf Ihrem Tabelau-Server überwachen. Sie können detaillierte Einblicke in die Verwendung Ihrer Arbeitsmappen erhalten, wie z.B. die Beliebtheit Ihrer Workbooks, wie viele Workbooks veröffentlicht werden und wie oft ein Workbook konsumiert wird.


M2 hat umfangreiche Expertiese mit Amazon Cloud Services. Mit Terraform ist es möglich, die verschiedenen Anforderungen an die Tableau-Infrastruktur des Kunden in über vorgefertigten Templates abzubilden und automatisiert zu deployen. Das ermöglicht unter u.a. den Aufbau identischer Umgebungen für Test und Entwicklung.

Excel Tool

Exportieren Sie Ihre Dashboard-Inhalte mit einem Klick - komfortabel und vollumfänglich.

The Excel Export tool allows you to download all the data used in a Tableau dashboard (data from all sheets and the included visualizations). Data formats are recognized and correctly formatted, allowing further calculation without cumbersome formatting in Excel

Tableau Geo Package

Benutzerdefinierte Karten für Tableau

The M2 Tableau Geopackaging Tool offers the ability to implement custom maps on both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Here are some more examples of how you can use the Geopackaging Tool in your Tableau dashboards:

  • You can use it to display your sales regions on the map
  • You can give special names or identification numbers to existing regions
  • The zip code doesn't have to be the last level of detail. You can make your maps as precise as you want!

If Tableau Geopackaging Tool is the optimal solution for your business needs,  feel free to contact us.

Individual developments

Our technology team is constantly working on new developments to simplify the work of the numerous users of our partner technologies and to make supporting, automated processes possible.

We often develop these tools from very specific business cases in companies, together with our customers.

If you have a technological advancement in mind for use in your company and are looking for an accomplished partner to handle the implementation, you have come to the right place.

We use our expertise for the realization of your requirements.

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