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Data Visualization & Dashboard Design

Data visualization and Dashboard Design are among the topics we attach great importance to in our work. Besides providing optimized and sophisticated Dashboards, we also offer Design Workshops and Training.

Dashboard Design Examples

In Data Visualization, we attach great importance to design aspects and clearly defined stages in the creation process, which we always follow step by step in the cooperation with our clients to achieve an optimal Dashboard Design in the end.

Some examples from our many years of work for well-known clients from various industries can be found here:  

We can certainly develop the ideal Dashboard Design for you, aligned with the corporate identity of your company. Contact us anytime and give your reporting system the decisive visual and functional polish.

Please also read the article "Basics for Data Visualization & Dashboard Design" by Christoph Maurer, Visual Design Lead at M2.

Dashboard Design Workshop

In order to emphasize the creative focus of our work, we have created the workshop format Data Visualization & Dashboard Design.

In In this interactive workshop, you will learn that the Dashboard creation process is not just about choosing the right chart or color, but also about applying well-defined design principles to make clear statements and ensure the usability of your Dashboards.

We also apply these principles - if required - to your in-house reporting system within the scope of the shop and optimize the design of your Tableau Dashboards live and directly.

  • Basics of visualization
  • Diagrammatics & representation of data
  • The Visual Analytics Process
  • 11 steps: The Dashboard Creation Process



Further information about this and other trainings & workshops can be found on our



Are you interested in conducting the Data Visualization & Dashboard Design workshop in your company?

Then please do not hesitate to contact us


Our mind behind Visual Design

Christoph Maurer is the head of the Visual Design Department at M2.

Christoph Maurer is a Senior Designer and Frontend/Software developer with 20 years of experience in conception, design & implementation of Dashboards, Webapps, Interfaces and generative Data Visualization.

He has a profound knowledge in the areas of Design Thinking, UI & UX design, Data Visualization and Generative algorithms. He has acquired this knowledge in project work with customers from the areas of event management, marketing, software development, automotive and design & architecture. 

Additionally, he works conceptually in the areas of media & culturalstudies and aesthetics.



Whitepaper Dashboard Design

In 11 steps to the Dashboard - a Whitepaper about the optimized design of interactive Dashboards

We have written the Whitepaper Dashboard Design for anyone who deals with Dashboards, builds them themselves or oversees their development. In our consulting practice we deal with Dashboards every day and optimize them for our customers.

A Dashboard, like any visualization, can be well-designed and intuitive or just the opposite. In this Whitepaper, you will learn what makes a well-designed Dashboard, what you need to pay attention to, and what steps to take.

To download the Whitepaper, please fill out the form below.

Joyful designing!


Download the whitepaper

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