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Forecasting with Tableau Writeback Extension

The Form Builder in use at Axel Springer

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By presenting the example of our joint project with Axel Springer SE, we show how you can comfortably use Tableau as a planning and forecasting tool, using the Form Builder, developed by M2.

Our Partner

Media Impact is a marketing joint venture of Axel Springer SE and the FUNKE Media Group and one of the largest cross-media advertising marketers in Germany. The title portfolio comprises over 120 versatile media brands.


Initial situation & goals

In the department "Kaufmännische Leitung" ("commercial management"), all forecasting and planning processes are centrally controlled and consolidated. Advertising revenues are forecasted on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. The regular and faulty processes could only be ensured with a high degree of manual effort. The goal was to develop a web service integrated into Tableau that facilitates the process of forecast submission. The departments involved were to be enabled to enter their forecasts independently and without system interruption and manual process detours - directly on the Tableau dashboard. The central control should remain in the commercial management.

Project approach & solution

First we carried out a requirements analysis. As part of this analysis, a kick-off workshop was held and the technical compatibility was checked. As a result a solution was outlined. Next, we created a concept for the design of the forms and dashboards. As a result, the forms were integrated into Tableau dashboards. As a last step before production, we conducted the user tests and did a design iteration. Finally the solution went live.

The result

What does the end product look like? Several dashboards have been developed for the business department to map and simplify the customer's diverse forecasting processes. From a technical point of view, the Tableau Writeback Extension API was used to integrate certain functions into Tableau dashboards, such as the input of key figures or comments.



The solution, which has been in use for more than a year, has saved a great amount of time and effort, while at the same time making the processes standardized and transparent. The Form Builder is statically not limited to a single use case and can be quickly adapted to other scenarios. This is already being implemented at Axel Springer SE.

You can find more information on the Form Builder and its possible applications here

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