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Tableau as planning tool

How you can use Tableau for your business planning

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Did you know that Tableau is not only an excellent visualization and analysis tool, but can also optimize your business planning?

With Tableau you can significantly reduce the manual effort for planning, forecasts and predictions! Use a single interface to enter and visualize data with one process step and to easily display comments on key figures. To avoid system breaks, use the Tableau extension Form Builder developed by M2 to carry out your planning in a smart, intelligent and time-saving way.

By using Tableau and the Form Builder you can map and simplify diverse and complex planning processes. Technically, this makes use of the possibility of integrating certain functions into Tableau dashboards via the Tableau Writeback Extension API.

Dynamic Tableau dashboards can help you to carry out your planning in a comfortable and time-saving way. With the Form Builder, we have developed a tool that enables every company to independently create interactive dashboards including forecast and commenting functionality.


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