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Use Case development

Use Case Development - Multi-day workshop format

The Use Case Workshop is a format that is based on a concrete case study within a company. Over a period of about six weeks, the departmental requirement is analyzed, designed and jointly implemented in several joint attendance meetings. We coordinate the content and technical design, total duration and number of on-site meetings with you in detail. The format shown here serves as an exemplary option that can be flexibly adapted to your ideas. 

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Idea & Requirements

  • Use Case Workshop, spread over a period of several weeks
  • Workshop is based on a concrete use case of a company or department
  • Participants submit requirements, ideas, data sources and use cases in advance
  • During the workshop, an M2 consultant supports the implementation of the departmental requirements.
  • The user group should be as homogeneous as possible, i.e. there should be a common understanding of the topic and the data basis.

Implementation (example)

  • One joint workshop date per week
  • 1st week: Scribble/ mockup - clarification: which business questions should be answered
  • 2nd/3rd week: Data preparation - localization of possibly missing data, possibly integration of the IT department
  • 4th/5th week: Reporting - creation of dashboards in Tableau
  • Week 6: Go Live - productization of project results


  • Development of a concrete result, which is directly productive and usable
  • Experience the complete development process (from mockup to product activation)
  • Getting to know and deepening many Tableau functions
  • Establishment of further, creative ideas for further use cases
  • Creation of cross-departmental knowledge and understanding

Extracts from the workshop:


We conduct the workshop format both on-site and online. We will be happy to coordinate the framework conditions, the number of participants, the required prior knowledge and the duration of the sessions with you personally.

Please feel free to contact us, to discuss your ideas.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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