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Topic Thursday:
How to download CReW macros

Alteryx tips from our expert Alexander Gross

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Twelth part of our new series "Topic Thursday" with valuable tips and insights around the topic Alteryx. The articles are written by our colleague Alexander Gross, Alteryx ACE and Business Intelligence Consultant & Alteryx Lead at M2.

Many new users ask themselves: What should I download in order to have the best possible start? The CReW Macros are definitely one of them. Where they can be downloaded and what they contain, I explain in this article.

The CReW macros are probably the best known Alteryx macro collection and contain a variety of very helpful macros that complement the Alteryx Designer with very helpful tools/functions. Among them are the two WildcardInputs, which allow to import multiple files even if they have a different schema. Also the Log Parser or Only Unique are very helpful additions to existing designer tools.

Most of the tools can be downloaded from this website.

Some of the macros can also be downloaded from the Alteryx Gallery. The collection is constantly being expanded with additional helpful functions: for example, just a while ago an optimized Data Cleansing version was added, which shows a significantly improved performance compared to the build-in version. Have fun trying it out!



Every second Thursday is Topic Thursday: our colleague Alexander Gross, Business Intelligence Consultant & Alteryx Lead at M2, shares his expert knowledge on workflow building in Alteryx. With his tricks and tips, you can use Alteryx even more efficiently.


Do you have any questions about this article or about Alteryx in general? Then please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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