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The M2 Tableau Toolbox offers you two innovative solutions that will further simplify your reporting and make your data visualization more dynamic: the Form Builder and the Mail Tool.

What can our tools do? Check it out in our videos:

M2 Form Builder: Make your dashboards more interactive and direct with Tableau Writeback Extensions
With the M2 Form Builder you have the possibility to configure input masks via a simple web interface and to integrate them as a writeback extension into any Tableau dashboard. Write data directly from the dashboard to the data source - and visualize e.g. forecast inputs live and without time delay.

M2 Mail Tool: Send mailings with user-specific and dynamic content without major manual adjustments
Distribute your reporting as flexibly and individually as you like: The M2 Mail Tool allows you to automate mailings with user-centric and dynamic Tableau content to any email recipient. Easily send dashboards as images, PDF files, or raw data inline or as attachments.



M2 Tableau Toolbox can be installed in parallel with running Tableau Server instances or on separate servers and can be used via the web browser. The tools are available individually or in combination.
Our customers from a wide range of industries are already using these and other solutions on a daily basis - get the best out of your data! Our consultants will be happy to advise you.


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