With M2’s Form Builder, you can easily design Tableau Extensions for data entry masks and seamlessly integrate them into your Tableau dashboards. You don’t need to know web development, programming languages, or APIs.

In this way, you can enable your Tableau users to select data and perform specific actions and data entries without switching from Tableau to another application. The Form Builder supports all common databases and data models. For example, plan data or comments can be entered from a Tableau dashboard to be written into a database and visualized live directly.


The Form Builder enables the creation of Tableau extensions and offers simple tools that can be combined to form flexible and fully customizable input masks – without programming knowledge. From a toolbox of simple building blocks, you can create complex input masks that communicate with their data sources in a variety of ways. You can execute any SQL statement in the context of the Tableau dashboard. This allows you to interactively change or augment your data source and immediately visualize the result on a Tableau dashboard.

Objects & Functions

Examples of use

With the building set of the Form Builder different application scenarios are realizable, examples are:
  • Planning Processes / Forecasting
  • Comments on any data points
  • Data extension and correction incl. approval processes
M2 provides the Form Builder either in the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service solution or in your infrastructure On-Premise.
Do you have questions about the Form Builder or concrete application scenarios? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


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