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Artificial intelligence: Tableau Pulse redefines the future of data interaction


Tableau Pulse redefines the future of data interaction. Developed exclusively for Tableau Cloud users, it uses the groundbreaking Tableau AI to enable customised and intelligent data provision. We provide an overview of the new technology.

Text by Lorela Ferhati


Tableau Pulse: The evolution of technology

The past few years have seen a huge transformation in the technological landscape, with artificial intelligence (AI) playing an increasingly central role. This progress and the integration of cutting-edge technologies is continuously reshaping the world. This is having an impact on all areas of everyday professional and private life, and of course it also plays a significant role in the field of data analysis.

Generative AI and the IoT

Generative AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) have always formed a dynamic duo that is reshaping industries, fuelling innovation and opening doors to a new future. This technological synergy has significantly influenced the analytics landscape and served as the foundation for visionary solutions.

Tableau has been engaged in this era of technological evolution with the goal of helping users work smarter, gain insights faster and communicate better. The new Tableau AI product seamlessly combines Salesforce's Einstein GPT and OpenAI's generative solutions. In addition to Tableau AI, Tableau finally launched another product called Tableau Pulse in 2023.

Tableau Pulse: An overview

Tableau Pulse offers a reimagined data experience that ensures data is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of familiarity with data visualisation tools. Tableau Pulse thus enables free data analysis and empowers business users to gain deep insights on their own. This new technology is exclusively available to Tableau Cloud users and is based on key metrics and KPIs.

Customer-orientated benefits and versatile functions

Tableau Pulse enables every user to be data-driven and more productive in this new era of analytics by eliminating time-consuming tasks and focussing on insights. The solution continuously learns from user interactions and evolves by suggesting new metrics, trends and data-driven solutions.

Tableau Pulse serves a variety of purposes while being a versatile tool for various data-related tasks, including automated data analysis, personalised insights, contextual data delivery, collaborative decision making and data exploration and discovery.

Maximising potential with M2

With its in-depth expert knowledge of Tableau Pulse, M2 is committed to unleashing the full potential of this platform for companies. As an experienced consultancy for data-driven projects and with over 15 years of Tableau partnership experience, M2 accompanies its customers every step of the way on their journey to using Tableau Pulse effectively and purposefully.


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