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Automate your data preparation in Tableau

Data Viadotto and M2 present their development

Webinar, Tableau

DataViadotto and M2 presented last Monday two extensions that can help your company automate and optimize data preparation in Tableau. You can now watch the presentation again.

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When working with Tableau, users often waste a lot of time preparing and connecting data sources. Numerous manual processes for evaluating and consolidating different data sources and file formats are necessary before a Tableau dashboard can even be created.

To relieve you of these time-consuming and often complex steps, our partner, Data Viadotto, has developed two extensions that will help your organization automate and streamline data preparation in Tableau. Last Monday, we introduced you to Relationship Finder and Key Finder:

Relationship Finder

When building a data model in Tableau, users must manually identify relationships and their performance options. Relationship Finder searches data sources to automatically find all relationships that are valid in the logical model. Relationships can be used to join tables by linking column combinations. Sample data and different scales of validity help users select relationships and their performance options for building a data model.

Key Finder

To gain insight into the data, users need to build powerful data models. Key and unique constraints provide structures for efficient data access. Key Finder searches a data source to automatically find all valid key and unique constraints. Sample data and various measures of validity help users select the key and unique constraints that are useful for tasks such as managing entity and referential integrity, defining index structures, identifying unclean data, and finding all IDs that reference the same entity.

You can watch the presentation again at your leisure here:

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We would be happy to talk to you personally about how these extensions can be used in your company.

Please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to the exchange with you! 

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