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Our trainings and workshops

Our training portfolio includes a variety of different formats, always aligned with your needs. Whether Tableau Desktop Basic, Data Science Training or Use Case Workshop: We serve your requirements and provide you with experienced and competent trainers. In addition to our standard training courses, we also design individual formats for you.



Here you will find an overview of our standard trainings with a predefined agenda and clearly defined content:


Tableau Desktop Basic

In this standard training you will get a comprehensive overview of the Tableau product range and learn how to operate and use the different components of Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Desktop Advanced

This is the perfect training for advanced Tableau users who want to gain a deeper understanding of how it works. Parameters and sets, advanced calculations, spreadsheets and data management are all part of this course.

Tableau Desktop Modular

Customize your Tableau training according to your focus and the previous knowledge of your team. Combine the individual modules from Tableau Desktop Basic and Advanced and create your training according to the modular principle.

Tableau Server Web Authoring

In just one day, learn about the extensive capabilities offered by Tableau Web Edit Authoring. Create dashboards, analytics and visualizations, and share your data across the enterprise, all without Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Prep Builder

Clean and structure disorganized data and get to analysis faster - directly and visually. Learn the benefits of Tableau Prep Builder and achieve a deeper understanding of your data.

Data Visualization &
Dashboard Design

Design Basics, Visual Analytics & Dashboard Creation - in this training you will learn the basic principles of visualization, color systems, typography and layout.

Alteryx Designer Training

Alteryx is a visual workflow tool that combines extract, transform and load with spatial processing. Create and manage workflows and prepare your data for later visualization.

SQL Basic Training

Dive into the basics of this database language and learn to independently control the definition of your data structures. Edit and modify your datasets and implement your individual requirements with SQL.

Data Science Training

With the growing amount of data available, the need for powerful analysis methods is increasing. This is where this training comes in, to enable you and your employees to apply the latest methods yourself to gain insights from your data.


Together with you, we will work on a specific topic and devote ourselves intensively to a concrete task. Contents, methodologies as well as preparation and follow-up will be individually coordinated with you.


Use Case Development

Within this multi-day workshop, an experienced M2 consultant will assist you in implementing your specific business requirements. This exciting format allows you to learn Tableau while productively implementing your requirements.

Tableau Train the Trainer

 As a Tableau expert, you may be faced with the question of how best to pass on your knowledge to other colleagues yourself. Learn how to set up an optimal training concept and train Tableau yourself in your company.

Tableau Performance Optimization

The performance of your reports is the result of the interaction of multiple components, from the browser to the structure of Tableau Workbooks to the underlying data sources. Optimize your performance with our expertise.

Live Event

In our Classroom Training we offer you the opportunity to learn Tableau in a compact onsite training with a maximum of five participants at our premises in Berlin.

Classroom Training

This training is conducted onsite at our premises in Berlin. We offer you the opportunity to learn Tableau from the very beginning and in compact training modules that logically build on each other.


In the M2 Academy you can conduct our trainings online, flexibly aligned to your needs and capacities.


M2 Academy

Learn the basics of Tableau in a short time, following your individual learning rhythm. This online course with over 8 hours of videos, exercises, quizzes and other materials gives you the opportunity to do so.

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