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Data Drive In

The fastest way to make your data visual

You have exciting and relevant data, but don't know how to visualize it best? Do you have questions about the optimal presentation or would you like to see a Tableau dashboard based on your data?
Then you are in the right place. Let us show you how to reach your goal quickly and intelligently.

Our Offer

We would like to make it easier for you to get started with Tableau and show you the possibilities of data visualization and analysis. 

Show us your challenge and we will show you what solutions are available!

This is how it works:
1st step: Describe your situation

Describe to us your company situation and the environment in which you operate. 
Tell us the framework conditions of your data challenge.

2nd step: Formulate your question

Tell us specifically what you want to do with your data. 
What is stopping you? What problems are you facing? What challenges can we analyze for you? 

3rd step: Send us your data

You want to see what we can do with your data? You want to see how we solve your challenges?
Then upload us an extract of your data as XLS, CSV or TXT and we will make you a concrete proposal for visualization! 

4th step: Analysis of the result

Together with you, we look at the result and evaluate whether we have met your expectations. 
On this basis, we evaluate how you can master your challenges the fastest. 

Request for Data Drive In 

Here you have the possibility to describe your scenario and even upload your own files that we can work with:

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Show us your data! 

This is your chance, let the professionals do it! Upload a data set that you want us to visualize with Tableau. Please make sure that the file does not exceed the size of 50 MB.

Here you can upload your data 

Customer Story 

Survey data with Tableau

Cross-national survey data was manually transferred into tabular formats with a high expenditure of time and money. Tableau was to be implemented for faster analysis and flexible visualization. Our customer European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) implemented the project together with M2.

ECFR is an award-winning international think tank with offices in seven European capitals and a strong focus on data-driven international collaboration projects. Our consultants developed a data model optimized for visual analysis in Tableau Prep Builder. The ECFR team was then very quickly able to optimally prepare its analyses and publications for publication and communication.

The finished visualizations were made available to the general public via Tableau Public. The added value achieved in the project ranges from efficient raw data structuring to flexible visualization. Key aspects are simplification, streamlining and flexibility.

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