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In the Interview: Florian Rieger

Our Senior BI Consultant & Team Leader in discussion


NextGen BI and Tableau are among the topics Florian Rieger is responsible for in his role as Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at M2. He is also one of our most experienced team leaders and has been working at M2 since 2015. We talked to him in detail about the appeal and challenges of his role in the M2 team.

We present an excerpt of our conversation here. You can read the entire conversation and further staff interviews here.

M2 editorial team: Hi Florian! Great that you take some time for us. What exactly do you do at M2?

Florian: At M2 I am team leader in the team "NextGen BI" and mainly take care of Tableau, Tableau server and Tableau trainings and workshops. In addition, I also look after the customers myself in individual projects and am specifically responsible for project management. In general I take care of the visual and analytical areas of the projects.

M2 editorial team: What experience have you gained in project work with customers?

Florian: It happens again and again that customers do not really understand the transformation process at first or do not know what to do with it. Often customers want to visualize their data with Tableau and look at something specific. However, they have often not yet thought about everything that is connected with changes and efforts. This is where our consulting often just starts. We take a look at the variety of data and work out a result that fits the customer's needs.  


"What inspires me is when there are very simple solutions for almost insoluble problems. I also think it is great to see that the customer (...) has added value through our solution."

M2 editorial team: What does a typical working day look like for you? For example, your day yesterday?

Florian: There is not really a typical working day for me. When I'm with the customer, we discuss the outstanding issues. The implementation of certain work steps then takes place either alone or together with my M2 colleagues, who also work on the project. Sometimes I also implement the steps directly with the customer in training sessions or workshops. For specific tasks of my own, I work through them. And like everyone here, I receive and answer many e-mails and make phone calls every day.

Since I am also a team leader, I have the task of looking at what my team members are working on and where they are at the moment. I also get an overview of which upcoming projects are pending.

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