It is the time of the year to eat, sleep, and breathe data the Tableau way. Yes, you have guessed it, the Tableau Conference On Tour hits the German grounds once more. After a successful story last year in Munich, we are proud to be sponsors of this magnificent event this year in the German capital and our home.
Not only do we aim at helping you unleash the potential of your data but our goal is also for you to make the most of the TCOT. Do not waste the first hours at the conference deciding what sessions you will attend and finding out when and where they are. Create your schedule right now; be prepared to have a good time with your fellow data people and learn from Tableau experts.
Create „My TCOT Session Schedule“ step-by step:
  1. What is happening at the TCOT Berlin?
    Navigate through the Session Planner Dashboard to get familiar with the sessions planned during the 3 day conference.
    Hover over the different bars in the Gantt chart to get a fully detailed information of each session.
    * Only interested in English sessions, beginner level and/or breakout sessions? Narrow down your search with the help of the filters
  2. Plan your schedule
    Select the sessions you are interested in by clicking on the bars in the Gantt Chart. For multiple selections use the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) button.
  3. View your schedule
    Once all the sessions have been selected click on the “Personal Schedule” option in the bottom left of the tooltip (as shown in the illustration below).
    This link will direct you to your personalised schedule and table with information of each session.

Come by to our stand and talk with our team. We have many interesting topics to pull out our sleeves and are happy to share with all you data lovers. Be excited to hear more about:
  • Alteryx Mail Tool
  • Toolbox & Admin Dashboard
  • Server Stats
  • Tableau / AWS
TCOT Berlin 2017, 11-13 September. Let the countdown begin, see us there!
Cheers aus Berlin,
M2. Team